Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Three's A Charm...


After reading Ollie Chandler's best-seller, "Deadline", which moved me beyond measure,I couldn't resist giving the other two in this set a go.  As with the first, both Dominion and Deception were great mysteries, but more than that, their spiritual overtones were compelling.  I love love LOVE the author's vision of Heaven and the idea that through all of the bad we are often bombarded with here in the world - God is always good in the end.

Themes such as race, friendships, soul-searching, and the reason for hope pervade all tangled in a great story that both Christians and non-Christians alike will not only enjoy, but surely come away with something they didn't have when they started.

*Thank you Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing for this free copy in exchange for my simple, yet honest, review.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Finally...a book Review!

I suppose you could say that I'm not a "fluffy bunnies and hearts" kind of girl.  When I get mad, I get mad.  When my day is going...well...NOT the way I'd planned - you'll know it, not only by the look on my face, but by the fact that my lips won't move when I speak through that clenched-up jaw.

I've hated that about myself for a long time and begged God to help me be a different kind of person. I even promised to try to bond with some fluffy bunnies.

 Until now....

The Unglued Devotional by Lysa Terkeurst was, quite obviously, penned just for me - just for all of us that feel "out of control" and can't seem to rein in our emotions, try as we might.  Lysa even goes far enough to show that, under certain circumstances and if done through the acceptance of God's grace with the realization that we aren't perfect and never will be...that's we're OK!

With titles like, "Resist the Funk", "When my Heart Feels Desperate", and my personal favorite - "Pretending I'm Fine, Proving I'm Right", there is sure to be many quiet moments spent with this devotional that every woman can relate to within these pages!

This book had me giggling, crying, but most of all, hopeful in my walk with our wonderful, forgiving, grace-giving Lord. 

*Thank you for the free copy in exchange for my personal, honest review.