About Me

I am a woman. (Doesn’t that say it all?....)
I am almost forty-one and sometimes I am okay with that…and sometimes I’m not.  When I look in the mirror, the image I see there doesn’t match the one in my mind…for some reason I see an older, somewhat squishy-er woman in the mirror than I remember myself to be.  So, to keep myself from getting down, I don’t look in the mirror much…
… and for this very reason I will not EVER be described as “High Maintenance.”  I don’t normally wear make-up or “do” my hair (unless normal people are going to see me. Therefore, I don’t spend a lot of time with normal people.)  A ponytail works just fine for me. I have unruly, curly hair so when I’m not in the mood to tame it, up it goes!
My “uniform” of choice is a pair of jeans with a comfy shirt or sweats and a tee.  When someone tells me they are going for a “mani-pedi” it always brings to my mind a form of manic exercise or something of the sort, so I obviously don’t get those much.
I am a mother.  Some would call me a “stay-at-home mom” but this actually confuses me as I am rarely home simply because I am a mother!  Okay, to not be belligerent, I will at least admit that I do not have a job aside from being a mother…aaannnddd…
…my other “job” of being a homeschool teacher.  It is a new adventure that my girls and I just started  - we actually made it through our first year, so... so far, so good!  We're all still alive! <wink, wink>  And, I'd like to think, we are all just a bit wiser.  The adventure continues...
I am a wife.  I have been married to my hubby for almost sixteen years.  We scratch off every day that we’re together on the calendar because, after years of rough times, and subsequently months of counseling, we are a couple who recognizes how hard you have to work DAILY to keep a relationship going! 
I love my husband more than I can usually explain to even him. He is adept at keeping me teetering between the kind of laughter that makes you unable to breathe, and alternately, feelings of a homicidal tendency. 
He is a normally gruff, under-whelmingly emotional person (for the past five years he has worn a black shirt that says “Bah-Humbug” for Christmas) but occasionally he surprises me with the most tender, loving, and thoughtful words. They make me giddy with love for him...and they sustain me through the homicidal tendency part. 
I live on a ranch…of sorts. We have ten acres that we've filled with lazy chickens, an unruly momma cow and her softer-than-velvet baby, a turkey that thinks he's a goat, and his goat buddies. Hubby and I do have plans of a ranching sort for our future...but that adventure would be on another blog.
Lastly, though actually most importantly, I love the Lord.  My favorite book EVER is my ESV Study Bible; lavender and chocolate-brown leather accented with an imprint of flowers in the leather.  Some of the most amazing stories, lessons, poetry, symbolism, and just plain breath-restoring verses are between its bindings.  Admittedly, I find myself arguing with some of it, staring at some of the words in disbelief – but most often I am hurriedly turning the pages to see “what happens next,” hungry for it to imprint on my soul.  And a soft closing of the pages is often accompanied by a “Thank you, God.” 
I don’t live a glamorous, wealthy, or much-talked-about existence but I do consider myself happy, and lucky to be a woman, a mother, a teacher, a wife, a "sort of" rancher, and a spiritual being. 
And yes, I am taking notes.  As my mother always says, the things I see and do in a day will surely someday make a great book!