Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book #14

Well, once again I have to admit that I wasn't very open-minded when I started this book.  Ever since I took that "Science Fiction Literature" class at the way-too-early hour of 8 o'clock in college, I have dreaded reading sci-fi books.  To be completely honest, I totally stereotyped the people I thought that enjoyed such writing and convinced myself that those people were entirely too logical, technical, and had way too much hand-eye coordination to be someone I could relate to. (Yes, I'm also admitting that I lumped sci-fi lovers with video-gamers...I've confessed already to being a total book snob!) :)

I've recently discovered that this stereotypical person that I'd "pooh-poohed" for so long as "not my crowd" included my own mother.  Whoopsie.  And, now...another confession.

I loved this book. 

Probably not for the reason that a "normal" sci-fi lover would (oops, there I go again...) I actually fell in love with Ender, in a "momma" kind of way. In the end, his humanity was incredible despite what he was put through before he'd even reached adolescence. 

I am purposefully NOT going to go into any detail about the book because I am petrified of giving away any secrets....I will only say that I was totally shocked by the ending...

...and in keeping with my snobbery...I would like to complain about the last sentence...AFTER you read it.

Thanks, W.R., for the suggestion!  And for all of you Sci-Fi lovers, I guess I've joined your ranks...though I still have absolutely no tolerance for video games! <lol!>

Onward and Forward to Book #15!

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