Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Book # 3

What drew me to this book initially was the destination and purpose behind the main character’s mission. Though Sophia is “dismayed” at its seemingly dismal prospects, the idea of traveling to the Dakotas to work with Native American children seems dreamlike to me.  But, of course, one must think of the times…and the circumstances.  (You can read more about those circumstances here.)

What kept me reading this book was Sophia’s realistic vulnerability and voice, coupled with the strength she found to overcome the many, sometimes very dangerous, obstacles that life in the Territories afforded – often times against the very people and agencies established to help missions like hers.  (That and the fact that this strength came from the right source, in my eyes – His word and promises – not just the dumb luck that authors for some reason often choose to resolve conflict in their stories.)

The love story enveloped in beautifully barren scenery between believable characters never seemed sappy, but often kept me wondering if it would ever blossom to fulfillment…but the answer is something you will have to discover for yourself!

Great, easy, but page-turning read!

*Thank you to Booksneeze for providing a free e-copy for me to read in exchange for an honest opinion.

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