Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What should be...

I get the premise of Zach Hunter's tome;  a knight-inspired "code" for all Christians to follow to be an example in a world gone haywire.  I even found myself hi-lighting, writing "Amen!" beside passages, and scribbling stars and exclamation points beside paragraphs.

But I couldn't finish the book.

I suppose that I became disgusted that the author had to actually write this!  It seemed to list all of the basic fundamentals in what being a good human being meant.  Forget what the Bible says, forget what we've stamped out in our Constitution, forget all about Civil Rights!  Do people truly need to be reminded to honor life, freedom, truth...?!

Sadly, yes.

Mr. Hunter states that he wrote this book to be passed around by his fellow college classmates.  I plan on making my pre-teen read it, even if I couldn't get to the end.  I don't feel like I'm perfect, or that "I've got this!"  But the level of writing is better based for those a bit younger than I.  If you're in your 40's and this book is "new stuff"....please keep reading the book! :) Zach Hunter's code is right on!

The book does have a great section called "Onward" at the end  where you actually sign "contracts" stating your intentions to become more "chivalrous" with the help of the Holy Spirit in your life and be an example as God's design.  I think this would be a great tool for parents and their older children.  There are also study questions and ideas for music, art, books and movies to emphasize Mr. Hunter's principles.

Overall, I believe this book to be a valuable tool for young adults!

*Thanks to Tyndale Publishers for a copy of "Chivalry" in exchange for my (obviously) personal, and honest review!

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