Monday, February 27, 2012

Book #8

I was pleasantly surprised to find this book full of concepts that rang so true in my head and my heart that I had to go back and read them again.  Truth be told, I will have to go back and read the whole book again, and possibly again, to finally be able to absorb all that this book has to offer.  And that makes the book, and its message, all the more valuable!
I have always admired C.S. Lewis, not because I was well versed in his philosophies, but because like many children, I fell in love with the seven amazing books he wrote about two “Sons of Adam” and two “Daughters of Eve” that fall into a mystical land through the back of their uncle’s coat cupboard.  Many a time did I push on the walls of the back of my closet in every new house we owned…hopeful to the last that Narnia was waiting for me on the other side. 
But, as an adult, I grew to appreciate Lewis for different reasons, the main one being his candid admittance as an atheist that he was wrong.
This book, put together by the author, Terry Lindvall, PhD., with some magic of his own, shows even more to admire in Lewis; his acceptance…no, more his determination to prove, that joy is an absolute requirement of Christian faith.  This joy takes many forms, through laughter, in jest, in flippancy and satire.  All play important roles in making sure that we acknowledge what God really meant for our lives and our hearts. Suffering, heartache, disappointment and pain run rampant in our lives, in our homes away from our true home.  But God tempers all of this with incredible occasions and outburst of pure, unadulterated joy - all ours for the taking, if we are willing to look for it, accept it, and share it.
This book is no easy read.  (Here's a synopsis in more "professional" terms than my own.) It probably took me twice as long to read than it should have simply because there was literally so much to absorb.  Some of it, I can admit, was way over my head at the moment but was not completely lost to me. It still settled in my mind somewhere in a place that I can “chew” on it and decipher it in my heart to be absorbed later.
This was a life changing tome for me simply because it did surprise me with its resonance with my own beliefs – both in faith and in C.S. Lewis’s character.  I imagine, years from now, this book will be dog-eared and tattered with many a note in the margins…a sign on my bookshelf of its immense value in everyday life.
Onward and forward to Book #9!

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